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5 tips to make a give-away bag, which everybody will like to carry

5 tips to make a give-away bag, which everybody will like to carry

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When you are giving away a promotional bag to your target audience, the main thing that you are aiming for is that they will carry the bag and that it would be seen by as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, people don’t want to carry just any bag and your bag might end up in the bottom of the drawer.

To avoid this to happen we have prepared 5 tips for you, so your printed bag will be the favorite:

1.      Choosing the most interesting model

People always like an item that has more practical details and looks differently from the hundreds of other bags you see in the street.

For example; the Verona bag with long and short handles or the Eliza bag, which is shopping bag and rucksack in one, are both great choices.

  verona draagtas bedrukte    eliza koord rugzak bedrukte

These bags are not just practical but also trendy promotional gifts easy to print with your logo.

2.     Make a strong design

There is a saying “in design we trust”. We also see that a strong design can make special even the most ordinary bag.

For example the picture of the bike on the bag makes the bag from a simple cotton bag into a bag whose owner is a bicycle rider who cares about environment, is active and socially responsible. And also likes a nice bag! :)

    fiets met tassen

It is possible to create a big feeling with just one simple picture!

3.     Don’t make the logo too big

Quite often it happens that clients want to put a too big big logo on the bag so it will be more visible from far away. In reality, bag users prefer a more subtle approach of what is being advertised on the bag. Bags that are used most are not with commercial logos but with nice pictures, funny notes or inspiring quotes.

It is there for better to make the logo smaller and place it next to the picture or text. The logo will be seen also and associated with nice design or trendy image.

4.     Choose the bag according what your target audience needs

Before ordering the bag and putting a print on it, think carefully where your customers, employees or partners will want to use the bag.

If they are going to use it for shopping they might need a bigger and stronger bag like a premium cotton shopping bag? If they use it for hiking or travelling they might prefer the Oregon rucksack

prekium katoenen draagtas bedrukte  oregon koord rugzak bedrukte

For the beach the Panama beach bag is the best choice and as conference bag we advise choosing the Freedom conference bag.

panama dragtas bedrukte freedom conferentietas bedrukte

Like that you will offer the bag according your audience needs, which makes it a lot easier for them actually use the bag.

5.     Follow trends in materials

Not only choosing the best fitting model but also the right material counts. Choose a trendy and popular fabric. These days we see cottoncanvas and jute bags are becoming more and more popular because of its natural material replacing traditional plastic and paper bags

Try these 5 tips for making the best choice in printed bags and you will see more and more of your bags with your advertisement in the streets!

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