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Functions of printed reusable bags

Functions of printed reusable bags

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Reusable bags has many functions and can be used in many situations, so when you print this bag and give it to your target audience, the shopping bag is much more likely than any other promotional item to become your walking advertisement, which is seen by huge audiences.

Bags with print are suitable for:


We do go to shops every day and in order not to use plastic bags every time reusable cotton, jute or non woven bag is great option to save money and also be more friendly to environment.


Gym equipment

As autumn is coming and more people will start going to gyms or sport clubs instead of making sports outside, reusable bags for gym equipment will become more and more useful. Also the school year is beginning and students need bags to carry they sport apparel.


As summer is already coming to the end, but the autumn is still warm and people are coming back to town from holidays, reusable bags are very useful as carriers for picnics goods. At the weekend afternoons the parks are full of people enjoying last warm days before colder season starts.

draagtassen picnic  


After summer holiday many tradeshows and conferences are taking place and printed reusable bags could be very effective advertising items, which will be seen mostly by professionals, who come to the event. With cotton or jute printed bags you could also show your companies care for environment.


As school year is starting, it is starting many excursions for the students, where printed bags are also used very much. Also as mentioned before, people are coming back to the cities, where many excursions takes place and to carry the things in comfortable cotton bag is always very convenient.

draagtassen en milan  

The printed bags are great way in making your advertising move through different places all the time!


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