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How to choose the right cotton bag (100 – 140 -180 gsm)?

How to choose the right cotton bag (100 – 140 -180 gsm)?

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COTTON BAGS are the most popular bags, which are used for companies, organizations or teams advertising and natural COTTON BAGS are becoming more and more popular because it is the most environmental friendly choice as it is not dyed. COTTON BAGS could be very different because of the material weight – GSM (grams in square meter). We in our assortment have 100, 140, 180 and bigger gsm COTTON BAGS and they all have differences so we called our non printed and printed bags good, better and the best and w


draagtas met logo  cotton 100 gsm

You should choose 100 gsm COTTON BAGS, when theprinted bagsare being needed in bigger quantities and for using it few items or as give-away items. These COTTON BAGS are thin and although they are good quality, but in these bags is possible to carry less heavy items and the more sharp things could make holes in thesebagseasier. Thesebagsare the cheapest COTTON BAGS, so they are very good choice, when give away items are needed.


tassen met print  cotton 140 gsm

140 gsm COTTON BAGS should be chosen then quality and longer using of thecotton bagis more important. Also these COTTON BAGS are suitable for you to draw on them. In thesebagsyou could carry items, which weigh 20 kg and not to worry thatbagswill tear apart. These COTTON BAGS have the best price – quality ratio.


tassen met logo  cotton 180 gsm

180 gsm COTTON BAGS should be chosen then quality of the bag is very important and then there is a need for people to use theseprinted bagsfor a long time. These COTTON BAGS are already strongcanvas bagsand if the logo would be put on thesebags, it can be visible in the streets for few years. If could be easily used as fashionable accessories also.

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