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Bags for school

Bags for school

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Shopping bags and rucksack (koord rugtassen) could be used for many organizations and various occasions. Very common printed bags are used in schools, universities, etc and we selected the bags, which suits the best for children in schools and students in universities and placed it all in one category called “Bags for school”.

Firstly, when you buy bags for smaller children, size is important.

Bags like Small Zeus, Eros or Mini Elm are smaller, so it is easier for children to carry these bags. Also  Cotton bag with short handles and Virginia shopping bag have shorter handles, which are good for smaller children for the same reason.



Also it is important what children or students will carry in the bags. For sports equipment koord rugzakken are better option than draagtassen. Oriole, Evergreen or Oregon bags are great for this kind of items to carry in it.

If students are carrying their papers in the bags, it is better to give draagtassen for them. If there have lighter things to carry, 100gsm bags like Carolina could be used, but if there is a need for taking heavier items, it is better to buy 140 gsm bags like Madras.


The shape of the bags is also important as more interesting bags students and especially children would like to carry better. Take Tshirt, football shaped or transparent koordrugzakken instead of simple ones and you will win more sympathies.

Verona and Eliza bags with more than one possibility to wear then would be great choice for students. Uto or Nevada draagtassen with different color handles also looks more original and stylish.


Very important are also colors of the bags, especially for younger children. It is good to choose brighter colors not only because they like it more, but it is easier to spot children during excursions and playing outside. Also with colorful bags children could be divided in teams during games and so on.

Reflective rucksacks are great when children are walking to the school in a dark.



All these bags you could fine here:


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