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Tote bags for travelling agencies

Tote bags for travelling agencies

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Printed tote bags could be used in all industries and also for many various purposes, they can serve as: • small gifts for customers or, of course, holders of big presents :); • nice reminders about your company in the street, university or anywhere else; • environmentally friendly replacement of the plastic bag during shopping or going to market and so on.

They also serve as an affordable marketing items even for companies with smaller budgets, so it is basically budget marketing tool, which, if you place it in correct audience, brings great results.

As for the travel agencies, the bags with print is great tool to advertise their business, because for them it is very easy to turn their clients to their ambassadors with this item.

If the bag would also have a great printing on it, it could become travelers’ favorite bag, which he or she would use in every trip (and also at home) many years.

Printed tote bags in travel agencies could be used:

  •         Before selling the trip – as you are giving your catalogues to the clients it would be nice to give them in the tote bag not only with your logo, but, for example, note “I need vitamin C (sea)”, for reminding the client, that he really need holiday trip, but making it in funny way.
  •         After selling the trip – you could give tickets or travel policies in the nice tote bag, which you could say you are giving “for souvenirs” or so.
  •         As Christmas gifts to all of your clients. The tote bags are light and doesn’t take much of space then folded, so they could be sent even as mail. If you give coupons with discounts or special deals for the clients, if would be nice to add also a bag, with saying like “collect moments, not things”.
  •         As you probably work with travel bloggers, the bag is also nice small gift for them, which they could use and you could see it also in their photos, if your bag would fit their style and personality - you could make bags with texts or pictures about adventures and wanderlust and we are sure the bags would work as one more advertising channel.



We offer three designs, which would help you to get the most of your bag given to your customer:

  1.       tote bag with world map

You can give it together with pen and idea, that the person could mark every country he/she travelled (also people could put pins on the bag, would look even more nice!). This way it should go together to all the trips!

 bags for travel agencies


       2.      tote bag with inspiring note

this printed bag also invites to travel more and it like asks to be taken together :)

katoen draagtas met ontwerp


  1.         tote bag with names of the cities and places to mark a “tick”

    It also calls to travel more, to go to more cities and to take the bag together (what is more of course also to show it with many ticks to the friends and colleagues) and never throw it away!

katoenen draagtassen vor reisburo

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