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5 reasons why cotton goodie bags are the best for Christmas gifts packing

5 reasons why cotton goodie bags are the best for Christmas gifts packing

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As the most beautiful winter holidays are approaching, we all start to think of not only, what to give for our important ones, but also how to pack this gift that it would be nice outside as well as inside. We would like to talk here about 5 main reasons why to pack the gifts into cotton goodie bags (tote bags) it is always a good idea for Christmas gifts packing.
  1.       Cotton tote bags is the packaging which stays with receiver

When we pack the gifts we very often wrap it into paper, which is used one time. Of course it gives nice impression for the receiver, but it will last very short and the paper will be thrown away after getting the Christmas present immediately. Goodie bags stays with receiver way longer as they are practical and could be used many times (for shopping, going to the gym, library etc.).

 cotton tote bags (goodie bags) for Christmas gifts packing, doro4u.nl

  1.       Goodie bags - nature friendly packing solution

As we mentioned before, many other Christmas gifts packaging could be used just once and creates a lot of waste after the holiday season. Cotton tote bags on the contrary is ecological choice as they can be reused many times and by many people.

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  1.       Cotton tote bags are practical

People like to gat practical gifts and if they would get practical gift packed also in practical packaging, they would be twice happy. It is like getting two presents at once!


  1.       Goodie bags could strengthen or give one more message

When we give the gift, we also give the message with the gift. We show that we care about the person, that the person is important for us, etc. We also want us not to be forgotten, so especially for the companies and organizations, when it is not possible to put the message (or logo) on the gifts, cotton tote bags with imprint are great solution to be remembered. Even if the gift itself is used at home, where not many people see your name/logo, the cotton bag will be taken outside and it will work as your advertisement.


  1.       Cotton tote bags are great for transporting the goods

In cotton goodie bag could fit up to 20 kg, so you can pack quite heavy gifts into tote bags. Also you do not have to worry, if the Christmas present would fit perfectly there, because you could fit a lot of things in the bag and with long handles it is easy to take it where you need.

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