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BAGS (tote bag, shopping bag, drawstring bag)


Do you work in marketing, personnel or administration department? Or maybe you have your own business? 

Maybe you are teacher of a group of children or adults? 

Do you organize events (conferences, festivals, concerts, excursions)? 

Are you responsible for your companies, organizations or teams’ image? 

Do you have to motivate team and make that customers or partners would like your company more? 

We invite you to try our reusable BAGS (tote bag, shopping bag, drawstring bag) and PRINTING SERVICES

Our BAGS PRINTING SERVICES are not only fast, professional and good quality, we also make bags with custom printing just from 25 units, so even the smallest groups could use our printing services

BAGS PRINTING SERVICES could be useful if you would like to make reusable bags: cotton bags, canvas bags, jute bags, non woven bags, polyester bags with printing on it. 

PRINTED BAGS (tote bag, shopping bag, drawstring bag) are great:

as a small gifts for clients, partners, colleagues, team;

as a part of your image;

as your moving advertising;

as a giveaway during fairs, conferences, trade shows;

as an original gifts packing;

as a souvenir of the event: festival, concert or similar;

as a motivational item (if you put right text on tote bag, it can be very powerful),

for many other occasions and purposes.

jute bag cotton bag / katoenen tas jute bag / jute tas

BAGS (tote bag, shopping bag, drawstring bag) with custom printing are really effective advertising items, because people actually use bags you give them. Like that printed bags are being seen by big audience. People like practical gifts and they would like to get bags with custom printing as a small gift or original gift package

Did you know that printed bags are in general kept in average 11 months by its receivers and they get around 3300 impressions in that time? 

That means that if you buy 100 printed bags for 1.50 EUR each, your costs per impression (CPI) would be just 0,0005 EUR! And your bags will be seen 330000 times! 

CONTACT US NOW and together we will create great advertising gifts – printed bags

Do you wonder, how to choose bags (tote bag, shopping bag or drawstring bag) when there are so many bags in supply? 

We were facing the same problem, so after evaluating different bags, we offer you not very big, but absolutely optimal assortment off the reusable bags, in which every company, organization or team would find the bag (tote bag, shopping bag or drawstring bag) they like and can afford.

For making choice even more easy - most popular our bags are in popular bags and cheapest ones - in budget bags categories. 

Our bags printing services:

Doro4u.nl offer online printing services:

Screen printing and transfer printing

Most of the time we use screen printing services, because it looks very professional, is long lasting and resistant to external influences, also it is possible to make design up to 4 colors.

Transfer printing services are used when your logo, text or picture have many small details, which can not be printed by screen printing method.

Most of the reusable bags we offer could be printed both sides with different print and on most bags we could print in 4 colors. 

The size and exact information about printing services for every bag you will find in the description of exact bag (tote bag, drawstring bag or shopping bag). 

Our bags without printing can be delivered in 2-3 working days and if you order our personalized bags, it would take 5-8 days.

Often people are searching for “printing near me”, but with fast our printing and delivery service, you don’t need to be close to us, to get your printed bags very fast. 

What if you are not in/from Netherlands? 

No problem, write us and we will find a way to organize fast delivery  of printed or non printed bags to your country! 

Don’t have a designer or nice picture, text, design, which you could put on your tote bag or shopping bag? 

For this case Doro4u.nl designers created different designs, which could be put on your bag (category DESIGN IDEAS) together with your logo. What is even better, we could put your logo next to it for FREE (if it could be the same color as the design)! 

tote bag tote bag

Check this category now and choose the design, which represents you the best and make your printed bags unique!