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Your order can be placed through the web shop and also by writing to the email - info@doro4u.nl.

You can buy bags, shopping bags, backpacks, laptop bags, sport bags etc. with your printed logo or picture and also you can buy the same items without print.

The minimum quantity of printed or unprinted items is 25 pcs., but we suggest to always keep in mind, that the price per unit is getting smaller, when the quantity is bigger due to preparation and printing mold costs.

The pictures of the item with print is an example of print, which could be made on it. These pictures also shows the most popular place to make the print because of its visibility and best possibility to make it on certain item.

We also have a unique category - INSPIRING bags, where are presented bags with the designs created by our designers team and here you can buy the items with this design and put your logo next to it or just buy the items with our original, funny, inspiring designs.

We take care of providing you all the items you need in the quantities you need, but if it happens that certain items stock ends, we will put all efforts to find and propose you another similar item instead of your chosen item.

Our team is trying our best for you to get the quality items with great print on it!